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Forget About Your Body, Focus on Funny

Forget About Your Body, Focus on Funny

Posted Mar 17, 2010

Forget about being beautiful. Be funny.  When you can take the focus off yourself you can express your talents and connect with people as the maverick Isabella Rossellini shows us in her films called green about the sex lives of insects.

Rossellini says the "P" word like she's talking about supper. She knows how to diminish and accentuate. She's so casual and natural and unaffected that she can pretty much say anything and we'll follow her lead.

I've always loved Rossellini because she was a bit chubby in later years and never really focused attention on her body even in her youth. She was always more than a pretty face though. You saw the whole person. She drew you into her and her world -- through the unlikely medium of her magazine covers, then later as an actress.

I was surprised to find out that she was a comedienne with Roberto Benigni, film director of Life is Beautiful in a weekly Italian comedy show called The Other Sunday. But she takes herself lightly in a dignified way that women who are confident that they are attractive inside and out know how to do. Oscar Wilde had a bit of wisdom about this when he said, tongue in cheek, "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken." When you stop thinking about how you appear to others you gain a sense of freedom about how to be yourself. Rossellini is an excellent example of that.

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