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The grandmaster of success

Posted Nov 23, 2017

Bob Goldman, used with permission
Dr. Bob Goldman with Jason Statham and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Source: Bob Goldman, used with permission

I’ve written about goal-setting and Key principles that successful people use to realize their hopes and dreams. Several years ago I wrote an article and then a book – Throw Away Your Vision Board and a sequel Throw Away Your Vision Board Part 2. The purpose was to help people transition from dreaming with a vision board to doing with an action board.  I’ve delineated specific ideologies including taking responsibility and not waiting for the universe or a law of attraction to do this for you, focusing on your purpose – your WHY, establishing principle-based goals, setting a time-line, maintaining a positive outlook, visualizing the future yet being mindful of the process, pre-assessing challenges and available resources, and taking action to make it happen.  

Bob Goldman, used with permission
Source: Bob Goldman, used with permission

Over the past few years I have received hundreds of emails and letters commenting on these Key Principles and my dismissal of the law of attraction. About half of the comments agree with my assessment while the other half are highly critical and often insulting about my opinions. Throughout my life I have achieved many goals in academics, arts, sciences, athletics, family, etc. without invoking any law of attraction. While I celebrate my accomplishments, I am deeply humbled by the successes of my friend and colleague, Dr. Robert Goldman or as he is known to many simply, Dr. Bob.

Bob Goldman, used with permission
Dr. Bob Goldman with another addition for his trophy room.
Source: Bob Goldman, used with permission

There is a TV commercial which refers to “The most interesting man in the world.” This article highlights the goal achievements of my friend Dr. Bob, who I believe is possibly the most interesting man in the world. He is one of the most successful, accomplished, influential and altruistic people that I not only have the privilege of knowing but one of the most awe-inspiring humans I have ever read about.

Dr. Bob Goldman has set and accomplished more goals than anyone would believe possible during one man’s life. When asked if he has done this through vision boarding and the law of attraction, his response is, “Absolutely not! Never made a vision board. I believe in sweat equity. Set your goals high and your work ethic higher. Careful planning and hard work pays off.” According to Dr. Goldman, while he believes in visualization, he focuses on and is mindful of the process, rather than the outcome. While

Bob Goldman - used with permission
Dr. Bob with UFC Hall of Famer Dan (The Beast) Severn
Source: Bob Goldman - used with permission

he admits that he did not know about my “Action Boards” when he began to set goals, he has used the Key Principles and Components of Action Boards throughout his goal setting process.

Bob Goldman - used with permission
Source: Bob Goldman - used with permission

As both a tribute to this remarkable man and so that one may objectively understand what I mean by remarkable, here’s a summary of some of his accomplishments. Appreciate that while this is rather lengthy, it is not a complete list.

Abbreviated biography of Dr. Robert M. Goldman, MD, PhD, DO, FAASP

  • World champion athlete with over 20 world strength records. He set his first world strength record at the age of 14!
  • Listed in Guinness Book of World Records numerous times. Records include 13,500 consecutive straight leg situps, 321 consecutive handstand pushups.
  • All-College athlete in four sports.
  • 7th Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, 6th degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, Kung Fu and Chinese weapons expert. 
  • Inducted into numerous Martial Arts Halls of Fame in North America, Europe, South America and Asia, including prestigious international humanitarian awards and lifetime achievement awards with the likes of Steven Seagal.
  • Three-time winner of the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Physical Fitness Award.
  • Athlete of the Year, recipient of Champions Award and World Hall of Fame of Physical Fitness Inductee.
  • Wrote the first book exposing steroid use in athletes: Death in the Locker Room.
  • Founded International Sports Hall of Fame. Ceremonies held at Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival - largest sports festival in the world, with over 200,000 participants and over 20,000 competing athletes; double the size of the Olympic Games.
  • Award winning artist: Prodigy art student age 7 on scholarship to Pratt Institute. First Madison Ave Gallery showing age 19. Awarded St. Gaudins Art Medal at MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) NYC. 
  • Two Physician & Surgeon Medical Degrees – both an MD and DO. This is an extremely rare accomplishment!
  • Two PhD Doctorates degrees.
    • 1) Anabolic Steroid Biochemistry – first to develop drug testing protocols for the International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) and for the Olympics.
    • 2) Health Sciences, sports medicine – led to founding the High Technology Fitness Research Institute - first to scientifically assess fitness equipment. Published a book the E Factor assessing fitness devices, equipment and technology.
  • Senior Fellow at Tufts University and Affiliate at Harvard University.
  • Visiting Professorships at numerous medical universities around the world.
  • Former Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Life Science Holdings and Organ Inc, biomedical research & development companies.
  • Held over 150 medical patents in the areas of brain resuscitation, trauma and emergency medicine, organ transplant and blood preservation technologies. The first patents in brain resuscitation are now utilized as part of mainstream medicine. He developed organ resuscitation and rejuvenation technologies which are now saving tens of thousands of lives around the world!
  • His work led to the formation of Organ Recovery Systems Inc. and then LifeLine Scientific Inc, a Public Company, - a world leader in organ preservation.
  • Oversaw research development programs in association with Red Cross, NASA, the Department of Defense, and FDA's Center for Devices & Radiological Health.
  • Recipient of the 'Gold Medal for Science', the 'Grand Prize for Medicine', the 'Humanitarian Award', and the 'Business Development Award'.
  • Honored by Ministers of Sports and health officials of numerous nations.
  • Awarded International Olympic Committee Tribute Diploma for contributions to the development of Sport & Olympism by President of the International Olympic Committee.
  • Awarded 2012 'Life Time Achievement Award in Medicine & Science'.
  • Recipient of the Healthy American Fitness Leader Award, from US Chamber of Commerce and President's Council.
  • Chairman: International Medical Commission for over 30 years, overseeing Sports Medicine Committees in over 194 nations.
  • Chairman of the IFBB and NPC Medical Commissions
  • Chairman of the AAU/USA Sports Medicine Council, overseeing millions of amateur athletes.
  • Founder and International President Emeritus of NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), the premier fitness certification organization.
  • First to coin and trademark the term CPT (Certified Personal Trainer). Wrote the first CPT certification exam and started the entire industry of personal trainers.
  • Served as Special Advisor to President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports.
  • Board Member Emeritus for US Sports Academy and Chairman of their Board of Visitors. #1 sports academy worldwide.  
  • Along with Dr. Ronald Klatz coined the phrase Anti-Aging Medicine. Gave birth to the $280 billion dollar anti-aging medicine industry.
  • Co-Founder and Chairman of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), with outreach to over 120 nations. A4M is world's largest Preventative Medicine and medical conference/exposition organization, that has trained over 100,000 medical specialists since 1992.
  • Co-Developed American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM) and American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practioners (ABAAHP) Board Certifications as well as the American College of Sports Medicine Professionals (ACASP) certificate exams.
  • Founded oldest medical society websitewww.WorldHealth.net; second only to the American Medical Association (AMA) website.
  • Co-Founder and Chairman of the World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine.
  • Co-Founder of the Tarsus Medical Group, which comprises a family of medical conferences and exposition divisions.
  • Chairman of the Sports Medicine Commissions for the Junior Olympics & Masters Olympics
  • Instrumental in creating an anti-bully program for children.
  • Liaison between US and China (Keynote Speaker at Chinese Ambassador’s mansion) for the Chinese Merger Acquisition Assoc launch of the USA/China division. Helped lead the charge of development of the medical industry in China.
  • Author/Editor of 50 books and hundreds of articles.
  • Owner of the movie producing company - Metro Goldman Motion Pictures and Executive Movie Producer – Martial Arts Kid, Paying Mr. McGetty, Father and Father. Will be executive producer on 4 movies in 2018!
  • Actor – Dr. Goldman has acted in several motion pictures including: The Martial Arts Kid, Paying Mr. McGetty, Father and Father. Will make several appearance in 2018 including The Martial Arts Kid 2 and Michael Jai White's "Outlaw Johnny Black."
  • Recipient of one of the toughest awards on the planet! The 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award at the Arnold Sports Festival presented by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus, Ohio on March 3, 2018. [Click on these links to see videos of the actual award ceremony].
  • 2018 - Living Legends Award at the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
  • 2018 - Appointed to the President's Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition. Special guest at the White House with the President and elite athletes and Olympians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UMo0ZcRgf8&feature=youtu.be  
Bob Goldman, used with permission

Dr. Bob Goldman receiving the first humanitarian award from the Action on Film International Film Festival.

Source: Bob Goldman, used with permission

The above list is ridiculously long, but it’s true…and yet incomplete. The importance of each of these accomplishments are significant and cannot be understated. They each deserve attention and should be expounded upon. While any one of these would be enough for most people to “hang their hat on,” Dr. Bob does not hang his hat. He remains enthusiastic, future driven and active.

Bob Goldman - used with permission
Dr. Robert Goldman recipient of the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award, Presented by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on March 3, 2018.
Source: Bob Goldman - used with permission

Without knowing Dr. Bob, one may question his motivation for even setting so many goals. His motivation is service. While he certainly reaps benefits of his achievements; being the monthly recipient of one award or

Bob Goldman - used with permission
Dr. Bob's trophy room (a little bit of his trophy room)
Source: Bob Goldman - used with permission

another, his true motivation is that he has a passion for helping others in a very altruistic, unassuming and unselfish way. This is why he initially became a doctor and why he continues to serve the worldwide community in that capacity. In fact, Dr. Bob donates the majority of his time in charitable pursuits around the world, including fitness and medical education.

Bob Goldman, used with permission
Dr. Bob Goldman, the actor
Source: Bob Goldman, used with permission

There’s an old saying, “If you want something done, give it to the busiest person you know.” Dr. Bob is the busiest person I know. If I send him an email, text, or phone message, he will typically call me back within the hour…no matter what country he happens to be in!

I have seen Dr. Bob in many different settings. The one thing that is both obvious and consistent is that he truly cares and takes care of his friends, patients, clients, colleagues, students and family.

My previous article was about seeking AWE. Awe is most often derived from interactions with nature. There are however, exceptions to that. This is one such exception. I feel a sense of Awe at the scope and import of the accomplishments of Dr. Bob Goldman.

I've also written about the 8 habits of highly lucky people. Dr. Goldman is one of those "Lucky People" who, as it states in the article, takes responsibility for making his own luck. 

As mentioned above, Dr. Bob is the co-founder of the A4M. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. The A4M hosting the largest conferences in the field globally drawing thousands of medical specialists from their over 26,000 members in 120+ nations. Their conferences are the most technologically advanced approach to educate healthcare practitioners and medical professionals on ways in which to enhance preventative care, engineer longevity and lengthen lifespan and they have trained over 100,000 physicians (www.Worldhealth.net and www.A4M.com).

Bob Goldman, used with permission
Dr. Bob Goldman, Founder of the International Sports Hall of Fame. Co-Hosting the Arnold Sports Festival
Source: Bob Goldman, used with permission

On full disclosure, I receive no benefit or commissions from anyone attending this event or anything related to Dr. Bob.

Having attended several of the A4M conferences in the past, I can promise that the benefit will be directly apparent to all attendees and their patients or clients and I highly encourage all with an interest in preventative medicine and enhancing wellness to attend.

Dr. Goldman’s greatest endeavor is yet to come- the creation of the A4M World Center for Medical Excellence. In this 25th anniversary of Dr. Bob’s Chairmanship of the American Academy for Anti-aging, Preventative, and Regenerative Medicine, the same is true today as it was more than two and half decades ago: With 28,000 A4M physician and other medical professional members representing more than 120 countries, there is no standard for advanced preventative regenerative medicine excellence anywhere in the world. To further cement his contributions to the world Dr. Goldman and his partners have recently purchased 80 acres just 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas, NV. The land is within a “stone’s throw” of the major thoroughfare connecting the #1 Travel Destination in the world and the site of the World Center project. This is no longer a dream, it’s a reality with plans in development!

I write this as a fan, admirer, and colleague in martial arts, fitness, medicine, education, and community service. I know that I speak for millions of others whom he has helped when I say, “Thank You, Dr. Bob Goldman!” To view a short film on Dr. Bob's first, click here!