Conservatism Linked to Lack of Education

I send you to college and now you support queers!

Posted Feb 17, 2010

Oh right wing media, how I love thee for amusement. So it is a bad thing that liberals are more educated?

A recently released study showed that people at the end of college are more liberal than people starting college. And it also showed that students at the end were not necessarily more knowledgable about government and civics issues.

According to a wide range of right wing media, this is a sign that college makes people liberal. This is a bad thing because, according to them, liberal professors are pushing their beliefs onto students, but, get this, they aren't necessarily learning more.

(Sigh before I go on). First, it is outlandish to suggest that, overall, students aren't learning more in college because they don't know more about  government and history. What about all the other subjects? And clearly, from your perspective, they are learning liberal views right? Isn't that of some civic value?

Secondly, since when was education a bad thing? I am so tired of people telling me that I "think too much" and am just some brainwashed left winger in academics. I am sorry I know a lot about something and this shapes my views on life, including social issues.  It is sad that people have to apologize for knowing stuff, as if this is some horrible thing. But for conservatives, it is often it viewed this way.

(No wonder Fox News reporters play down their credentials. For instance, one reporter was Valedictorian and graduated from Stanford, but asks on air what words like "czar" mean, as if she doesn't know).

Why isn't this study being viewed by people as a negative thing for conservativism? Why are the headlines "liberals brainwash your kids at college" instead of "If you are conservative, you are probably less educated?"

Sadly, it seems I do not have much media company in my interpretation of the results.

Picture: Apparently, some dope thinks Obama is like Hitler. I am sure this person is a real gem in the prizepool of intelligence (saracasm noted I hope).

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