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Ten Zen Questions

"Ten Zen Questions" - is there a better title?

Could you choose the title for my new paperback?

Posted Aug 23, 2010

Good news! There's to be a paperback edition of "Ten Zen Questions". At least, I should say there is to be a paperback edition of a book previously called "Ten Zen Questions".
The publishers have decided that the title is not good enough and I can see their point. Arguably I wrote the book only because I thought of the title and liked the alliteration, but their argument is that they want it to appeal more directly to neuroscientists and others working on the problem of consciousness. So it needs a different cover and a different title.
They have suggested all sorts of (in my opinion) rather good possible titles, but I'd love to know what you readers think about them. Here is a list of their suggestions.

Consciously Zen
Zen and the Conscious Mind
Zen and the Meditative Mind
Zen and Your Conscious Self
Zen and the Art of Consciousness
Contemplating Consciousness: Ten Zen Questions
Contemplations on Consciousness: Ten Zen Questions
The Meditative Mind: Ten Zen Questions
Your Brain on Zen

Do please comment on any or all of these suggestions, or add some of your own. Also, if you have noticed any errors or problems with the text, now is a good time to tell me about them. I have to submit any changes (which can, of course, only be small) by the end of this month. Your help is much appreciated.

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