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Inspiration From Older Women

Insatiable Sexy Sadie

Source: MFranciscr/Pixabay

Linda : Sadie is not a client; she has been a friend of mine for years. She is a body-oriented person who takes time every day to work out, mixing up her workouts in a variety of ways. She walks, swims, practices yoga, and dances. She does not look her age, not only because she keeps so fit, but because she has a strong positive attitude toward life. She is a sexy senior and is not at all shy about speaking about getting it on. She told me that when she was in her twenties, she had sex every single day for years. At the time, she never questioned that such a frequency was unusual. She took it for granted that if you had a partner, that you would enjoy what she referred to as “Mother Nature’s Gift” as much as you could.

She told me that when her four children were babies, she and her husband jumped into bed as soon as the baby went down for a nap. And because it was a big priority for both of them, they kept up their abundant, pleasurable sexual connections going no matter what was demanded of them in their careers. She has shared with me that she and her husband are different in so many ways, that has caused a lot of fire in their partnership. Their sexual compatibility smoothed over so many moments of discord, that they have come to heavily rely on it.

Here is her inspirational story.

Sadie: “I’m in my eighties now, and I am happy to report that I am still enjoying sex with my dear husband. He’s my same age and a sexy old guy. Sex has changed, of course, but it important to both of us to delight in our sexual connection as long as we possibly can. We have many ways that we enjoy each other. We walk on the beach together and have fascinating conversations. We shop and cook together and are card-carrying foodies.”

“We have a great time with the many interests that we share, not the least of which is hanging out with our kids, grandkids and friends. But when we make love, there is something extraordinary, private, and special. We savor the sensual pleasure that we bring to each other. We are both well aware that lots of people our age have given up sex. And there are plenty of people a lot younger than us that have let sex go too. But we are determined to keep it alive in any way we can.”

“When we make love, it makes me feel strong, healthy, and desirable. I am so grateful that my body is so responsive. And I’m so grateful that my dear husband is responsive to my touch. We have worked long and hard to clear any debris in the channel between us. That channel is uncluttered with resentments or fears. In the wide-open connection between us, love, affection, sexual desire, and responsiveness can vibrate. Lovemaking keeps my body strong, my mind alert, and my heart full of passion. Lovemaking keeps me young. Sex gives my body so much joy that it tells my mind to quiet down.”

“Anticipating being lovers brings a smile to my face. Those moments of arousal allow me to feel sturdy with a robust response. And when it’s over, I can feel a secret satisfaction of both giving and receiving sexual pleasure. The sweet memory lingers for days lifting me above the mundane tasks of my life. And of all the enjoyable moments of my life, of which there are so many, those of our sexual encounters are among my very favorites.”