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Getting to the Very Top of the Steepest Mountain

Overcoming all pitfalls to make it all the way to your ideal weight.

Posted Apr 24, 2014

Hopefully, you have started applying the principles in the previous posts and are beginning to achieve some good results. You may have a realistic weight goal that is supported by a doctor or by body mass index charts you can find online. When you get closer to your goal, you’ll begin to feel satisfied with the progress that you’ve made. Unfortunately, getting too content with good results can prevent you from reaching great results. I worry a little bit about writing this post because I really don’t want to promote any unhealthy, unrealistic goals that could lead to eating disorders or body image issues. Again, I’d encourage you to google “ideal body weight” and enter your gender and height information into a few of the calculators to get a medically recommended weight for you. If you do not believe these kinds of charts, consult your doctor to determine what is realistic for you. I’d encourage you not to strive to get below the lower limit of your medically recommended level, because that can be unhealthy and could lead to extreme health problems. However, the bottom line is that you should strive to achieve the best results without settling for just good results.

Expect a Much Fiercer Battle at The Top. Losing a lot of weight has a lot in common with climbing a mountain. When you begin, you are excited and the hike is not too difficult. However, the closer you get to the summit, the more difficult it becomes as the trail becomes steeper and has less foliage to protect you from the sun. Plus, you are more fatigued after having climbed for so long. The same goes with weight loss. There’s no question that the final 10 pounds can be more difficult to shed than the first 30. Why are the final pounds so difficult to lose? There are many unique obstacles that can come as you try to push to your highest goals for weight loss and fitness. It can be easy to become discouraged as you face false summits, lack of motivation, and even negative pressure from others. To learn more about these and other obstacles, and to find specific ways that you can face them head on, check out my book, Four Truths About Weight Loss That Nobody Tells Youavailable for purchase in Kindle or Hard Copy. - Or visit to learn more and to download a Free copy of the Introduction and Chapter 1. 

I lost 55 pounds and have kept it off for 3 years! Now, I hope to help you finally reach the very top of the mountain in your own weight loss journey.

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Nathaniel Lambert, Ph.D., is a psychology professor at the University of Utah.

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