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Remember to Reduce Stress

Some quick hints to remarkably reduce stress!

Posted May 20, 2009


Stress can ruin our days and shorten our lives. It ages us, harms relationships, impairs job performance and affects health. It can worsen almost any medical problem, including heart disease, obesity, headaches, chronic pain, skin conditions, and high blood pressure.
However, the news is not all bad. Remember that there are some simple things we can do to Reduce stress:

1. Do Not Resist: Don't get stressed about being stress! That will only complicate the problem. Instead of resisting the adrenaline, use it. At the minimum, enjoy the extra energy coursing through your veins. Let go of the thoughts about how you should feel different or how life should be different.
2. Relax: Focus on a diaphragmatic breath - feeling that abdomen expand with each in breath. As you breath out relax a muscle group. You can relax a different muscle group with each breath (which could include your shoulders, neck, jaw, face, back and/or arms).
3. Refocus: Place you full attention on your current activity. If you are walking, tune into this step. If you are eating, focus on the aroma, texture and taste of this bite.
4. Repeat: Repeat steps 1 through 3 frequently throughout the day.
5. Regain Perspective: When you think that everything is going wrong, focus on what is right. Would you sell both your arms for a million dollars? Both legs? Both arms? Make a list of all your blessings (including friends, family, health, the ability to learn and think, etc.) and you'll realize that what you have is worth more than all the gold in the world.
6. Reframe: Bummed out about a wait - enjoy the break from your busy day. Someone rude - instead of getting stressed, realize that rude people are usually suffering in one way or another. Something go wrong and you think you're a failure - use it as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.
7. Relationships: Social support from friends and family can be invaluable.
8. Reconsider: Reconsider some of your choices. Are there ways you can change your work or home environment to reduce stress?

Make these few easy changes in your life and you will reduce your stress and improve your health!

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