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Your Old Friends

Childhood friends are important; often these bonds are lifelong.

I've written extensively about lost loves and lost love reunions between sweethearts who originally dated when they were teenagers. But some of these "reunions" were men and women who knew each other before high school: they were young children whose parents were friends, they grew up knowing each other and playing together, and years later, a spark ignited and they fell in love.

Lost loves have a romantic element, but old friends are very important, too, whether they are same sex or opposite sex friends. Even friends who had a falling out, years before, may find their way back together, valuing their shared experiences more than their moment of anger.

There is comfort in having a friend who knew you were you were youthful. In a study of elder women in retirement and assisted living homes, the researchers found that the women said they enjoyed talking and doing things with their neighbors, but when they had emotional topics to discuss, many called their old friends, even though they hadn't seen those people in several decades.

So this time it's your turn to talk to me. Do you still have friends from grade school or high school? What makes these old friendships so special to you?