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Women of Wisdom

Treasured human beings with something worthwhile to tell.

 Steinhauer, used with permission
Betty Steinhauer.
Source: Steinhauer, used with permission

Wisdom is a fine thing. In a COVID-infested world, at a time of climate change and growing global political instability and a secular-materialist society, we need wisdom—and people of wisdom. Now more than ever, don't you think?

I have recently met two delightful women of wisdom. Although a few decades may separate their ages, they have much in common. Both have written inspirational books, both maintain inspiring personal websites and personal followings, and both are worthy of much greater attention. By coincidence, both were born in Europe and have migrated to North America. I have read their books and spoken at length to each.

It seems relevant, too, that they both had troubled early lives. Betty Steinhauer was born in England and, a world traveler now, was raised in Toronto, Canada. Her book is called, In Search of Spiritual Intelligence. Scandinavian-born Cassady Cayne now lives in California. Her book is called, The Universe Speaks ... Are You Listening?

Betty (who refers to herself as 'The Nomadic Intern') dates the start of her spiritual journey back to her first visit to India in 1990. Since then she has visited over 150 countries, "As a traveler wanting to learn from every wise person who crossed my path." In order to write her book, she asked 39 people of all ages and all walks of life, "What they believe spiritual intelligence is, and what it means to them." If that's all it is, Betty would have done us a great service, but in addition, she has artfully woven her own personal life story into the narrative, making this a highly engaging, wise, and readable book.

For example, admitting developing an aversion to God after losing a baby to a heart disorder early in her marriage, she writes, "I found it interesting to learn that others had turned away from God too, for reasons of their own." But, as these stories reveal, that is seldom the end of a person's spiritual search. Many of Betty's informants are spiritually well-developed people. It is a great treat to read about her gentle and generous interactions with them and take in the wisdom they have to share.

 Cayne, used with permission
Cassady Cayne.
Source: Cayne, used with permission

Cassady describes herself as "a pretty 'regular' person," one who is no different in appearance from any other 30-something girl. Nevertheless, she too comes across as a spiritually mature human being, someone who has made it her business to "focus on empowering people to live their highest truth." Her book is divided into 111 one- or two-page 'high-vibrational messages from the Universe,' with headings like 'Following your Bliss,' 'The Important Purpose of Hardship,' 'The Essence of Who You Are,' and, 'From Love You Were Born, To Love You Return.' It is written as if The Universe—"The source of all knowledge"—is speaking directly to the reader, offering wisdom and unconditional love.

Here is one of the shortest chapters, headed 'Eternal Love': "Your relationship with yourself is eternal. No matter who else comes and goes in your life, you will always be in a relationship with you. It's the template for all the other relationships in your life. If you learn how to show love for yourself and embrace yourself, can you see how wonderful life could be? ... XOXO ... The Universe." As the cover text says, whether for urgent guidance or a deeper personal transformation, "Let this book kindle the fire inside you, light you up, and speak directly to your heart."

 Larry Culliford
Source: Larry Culliford

Neither Betty nor Cassady has taken a traditional religious route to spiritual intelligence. Both describe significant early life problems, losses, and hardships that led eventually, in unforeseen ways, to some kind of abrupt (Cassady) or more gradual (Betty) breakthrough in spiritual awareness. When speaking to them, they both come across as warm, genuine, compassionate human beings, and really are no different from anyone else.

The message from both is that everyone has spiritual potential, and that your story, dear reader, could easily develop like theirs, particularly if you take to heart the wisdom they offer. I have seldom discovered such clear-minded, self-possessed, generous, and happy people. We are lucky to have them among us to make use of as mentors and guides.

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