The World Wide Wave of Wisdom

A movement to join, share, and help grow.

Posted Dec 07, 2018

 Photo by Larry Culliford
A Wave of Nature
Source: Photo by Larry Culliford

A wave is a phenomenon of nature, driven by the wind and deep undercurrents, powerful hidden forces. The World Wide Wave of Wisdom is similar. While its origins remain unseen, its valuable influence can readily be detected by those attuned to it.

WWWOW is being promoted as a natural movement, rather than a campaign led by an organization. In some form or another, it has already existed for millennia, since the earliest days of Homo sapiens ('wise human'), always conjuring up its own energy and momentum. But...have you noticed? This vital wave seems to have declined massively in recent decades. The time has come to re-invigorate it, and so restore health to a worryingly self-destructive society by means of individual action and attention. The World Wide Wave of Wisdom is therefore being recommended as a movement to join, share and help grow.

Wisdom is universal but hard to define. It can be thought of as a kind of knowledge — sacred, holistic, intuitive knowledge — knowledge that guides us, moment by moment, on how to be and behave for the best, for all concerned, in any given situation.

Why do we need wisdom? In order to give of our best and ensure our lives are meaningful. We need it especially to counter the destructive forces, attitudes and values that often dominate in a secular, materialist, consumerist society; the forces that lead to widespread pollution, for example, to large-scale eco-destruction, global warming and the rise in frequency and devastation of natural disasters. We need wisdom because it is reliably associated with inner strength, guidance, courage and hope. Wisdom also favours honesty, humility, generosity, tolerance, patience, perseverance, joy, humour, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, beauty, and love: the most special ingredients that make life really worth living.

 Photo by Larry Culliford
The Beacon of Wisdom
Source: Photo by Larry Culliford

Wisdom does not depend on holding to any particular beliefs, whether ideological, political, religious or non-religious. It might depend, though, on having (even briefly) a mysterious and magical experience of wholeness, according to which you feel wonderfully connected to all of nature, to the totality of the universe, and through this to everything and everyone else, to every other person, regardless of age, race, creed, colour, sexual preferences or anything.

Because, whether past, present or to come, everything and everyone are seamlessly connected, what a person thinks, says and does moment by moment, has an effect — however subtle — on everyone and everything else. Wisdom, then, involves taking mature responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions — equally and importantly, for silence and inaction, for what you avoid saying and do not do. This is maturity. Wisdom, then, involves much more than intellectual understanding. It is a vital part of who we are - both individually and collectively; not only of who we are, but also who we can be and are becoming.

It is good to think about this and discuss it with others. The World Wide Wave of Wisdom therefore involves a call to contemplation, to mature reflection and discussion, as much as a call to action. The right words and fruitful actions flow spontaneously, once the forces of wisdom and compassion begin to outweigh our immature, ego-based tendencies towards following worldly pursuits and distractions.

It is a simple call: to think more often and more deeply about one's aims, ambitions and priorities, about your most heartfelt values, about how you interact with other people, how you fit in with the world of nature, and with the greater whole of existence. What gives your life meaning? From what, and who, do you derive direction, courage, inner strength, hope and a sense of purpose? What makes you feel alive?

Once you start thinking about these questions, you are already a Wisdom Seeker. You have already entered the Wave.

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