Women, Binders, and Romney: Women's Humor Unbound!

Riotously funny reviews of binders on Amazon offer political humor by real folks

Posted Oct 19, 2012

Women, politics and office products: this is a fabulous combination, as we can see from the terrific women's comedy produced by real women about a real politician's—Mitt Romney’s—remarks from the last debate.

It doesn't take much to get women laughing: merely to repeat the absurd statements of so-called great men is all it takes to create satire. Women unbound, women without blinkers or blinders, or holes-punched or clips-bored: that's the future. And as for the men--and women (feminists can be found amongst both men and women; anti-feminists can be the either, too, sad to say) they're as outdated as a spindle and their whole operation should be folded. 

Of course the great comics have weighed in: Jon Stewart called Romney's binder a '”Notebook of Nipples,” for example. But the best humor has been created, unsurprisingly as far as I’m concerned, by real people who have been reviewing binders on Amazon. 

Real people making real observations are a riot.

Most have focused on Avery products. RMoney's comment, for example, says "I ordered this binder with the expectation that it would be 'full of' women. Unfortunately, however, the binder came with no women inside. I found some women in the kitchen and asked them if they could come out, but, honestly, they did not fit. Avery needs to construct their binders better in order to more effectively fill them with women."

Written by “Upset,” another review is titled “Binder is already full of qualified women”  “Upset” explains “I bought this binder hoping to get myself considered for a Cabinet position. They said the binder would come with four durable interior pockets and strong rings to hold up to 500 women. I figured with my Ph.D. and significant experience in my field, I should be a shoe-in for at least one of the ring slots, but maybe could get into one of the side pockets where I would be more visible to the Cabinet committee. So when I opened my binder, I was not happy to discover that it was full already--in fact overflowing with qualified women. I sent the binder back and asked for one that was empty, but Amazon apparently does not carry the Avery 2-inch empty suit binder, at least for women.”

Mdaegirl writes "Being a qualified woman who tries to get home by 5 to cook for my children and keep them from using handguns, I ordered a binder the minute I heard Mitt talk about them during the debate. The binder I ordered is very tight and restrictive, which helps keep me, an independent, uppity woman with a secret desire to be objectified and humiliated, happily bound and servile. But I don't understand why it doesn't come in fifty shades of gray. Please fix this."

Give women--and some smart men--the chance to examine the absurdities of our culture and we'll have more fun than is legal in most states.

By exposing the underlying inequalities and the unspoken assumptions of those who would keep women from exercising our rights as citizens, workers, and adult human beings, women's humor is a powerful political force. Even when it's written by that great woman writer: Anonymous.