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Build Body Confidence While Using Social Media

Follow these people to become #BoPo.

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Social media serves many purposes for many different people. It can help us stay connected with people we love. It can help us learn about our communities and the people in them. It can provide an opportunity for learning about news all over the world.

Social media can also be a bad influence on our body image.

There are two primary means by which social media can be a negative body image influence. First, by featuring celebrities and even our neighbors looking their best, we may engage in social comparison and feel worse about ourselves. It is easy to feel like we compare unfavorably when the images we tend to see of others feature them looking glamorous and doing exciting things. Social media may also provide information about beauty products, diet culture, and fitness plans that induce feelings of inadequacy.

Social media does not have to be a negative influence on our body image.

One of the perks of social media is that we can curate our own newsfeeds by clicking on topics we find interesting (leading us to see more, similar information in our newsfeeds) and following people and groups we want to see more of. If you are interested in increasing your sense of body positivity—#BoPo—then consider following the folks below.

Source: Charlotte Markey
Source: Charlotte Markey
Source: Charlotte Markey
Source: Charlotte Markey

These individuals and groups endorse a different perspective and encourage self-acceptance, self-compassion, well-being, and defy cultural influences that suggest that we should look a certain way.

This list is a work in progress. I will update it and revise it periodically. If you know of other individuals or organizations who have a positive body image presence on social media, please email or message me their information.

I’ve made an effort to provide an extensive list of body-positive individuals and organizations on Instagram and Twitter. I cannot be responsible for any content that they post. I am willing to bet, however, that following some of these writers, scholars, researchers, and activists will make you feel better about your body.

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