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Threefold Increase In Parents Not Vaccinating Their Kids

More Depressing News On The Vaccine Front

Posted Jul 02, 2012

A new study published today in Pediatrics found that the percentage of children not being vaccinated according to schedule between birth and age 9 months increased threefold between the years 2006-2009. The study was conducted in the greater metropolitan are of Portland, Oregon.

This, despite the overwhelming evidence supporting both the safety of vaccines, and the risks not getting vaccinated poses to those who aren’t vaccinated (such as the measles outbreak in Boston and Pertussis outbreak in Washington state earlier this year). And then, there’s the risk to other members of society who can’t be vaccinated and/or have compromised immune systems.

I know I keep writing about this, but there’s no escaping the simple truth: vaccines save lives. I’ve seen kids in Haiti who died horrible deaths from diphtheria that could have been prevented if only they had been vaccinated. It’s hard not to think that if people only had more first-hand understanding how awful some of these diseases are, there would be a lot less resistance to immunizations.




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