Amanda Bynes: Getting Engaged, for Better or Worse?

Stress free or stressful?

Posted Oct 09, 2014

While making the choice to get married may seem to be an effort on Amanda’s part to seek out support and stability, it might not be the best thing to do right now. Considering the personal struggles she is dealing with, she might feel that getting engaged and looking down the road toward marriage means there is someone in her corner, someone who is there for her. On the flip side, considering those same struggles, no matter how good her intentions might be, it is probably not the best time to be making such an important change in her life.

In times of turmoil, becoming engaged might be an impulsive decision. It can seem like a good choice in the moment, but there is where the problem lies. She or whoever makes the choice might be living just in the moment and not looking ahead to what it might mean for the future. There may not be enough time to evaluate the strength and durability of the relationship which can have the shelf life of the here and now, but not what it takes to maintain a lifelong relationship.

Planning to get married is a big responsibility which takes care, focus, work, compromise and many other skills that require commitment and a healthy start. Just dealing with celebrating the engagement and organizing the wedding itself, with all the elements that entails, can be burdensome. With that in mind, if you are already strained and dealing with extra stress and conflict in your life, like Amanda is, it might end up being even more overwhelming, and turning into another disappointment. Initially it might appear to be an escape from that stress and whatever troubles you - a wedding to plan, someone to love - but once the party is over and everything settles, it may be that getting engaged can end up simply perpetuating your problems in the end instead of solving them.

Amanda has a lot on her plate. Throw attaching yourself to another person for the rest of your life into the mix and it might just be more than she can handle. Maybe taking some time now to focus on herself and heal a little will make her a better candidate for a successful marriage later. Only time will tell.

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