Melanie Griffith: What’s the Breaking Point?

Facing what’s in your face.

Posted Jun 19, 2014

Given that there have been pictures in the past of his flirtatious behavior, what was it about this particular embrace that brought the house down? Lots of times, out of sight can really mean out of mind. That’s to say if you don’t actually see something taking place or in your face, you can manage to convince yourself that it is not true and it’s not as bad as it seems. In addition, if you do broach your fears with your partner, but he or she denies what happened, and gives you a plausible explanation to mitigate your doubts, you may find yourself dismissing the facts and instead buying into their take on the situation because you really want to believe them. Once the upset and or crisis passes, you’re likely to forget it even happened, and it’s out of your mind. This all takes place because otherwise you might find yourself at a point where you will have to take action that is too daunting to deal with for lots of reasons. Whether it is money, children, and or the life you are living together with family, friends, and social connections, you are not prepared to jeopardize your security by confronting a problem that could spell the demise of the relationship.

For Melanie, this last picture might have been worth a thousand words, and finally forced her to realize how far apart she and Antonio had grown. For everybody, that is a very difficult reality to accept. Facing the facts doesn’t always mean you have to end your relationship, but it probably does mean you will have to take some steps to deal with the problems that have created the distance and space that came between, and may have made room for another person to step in.

There is no way to tell exactly what it will take for you to say you can’t deal with it anymore and feel compelled to take action. It may be when you trust what you know to be true, because the hard truth becomes more welcome than living with the lies you’ve heard and those you’ve told yourself.

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