What has happened to American education?

Our basic problem

Posted May 23, 2016

I have been an educator for most of my life and I have seen and lived the dumbing down of American education.  I can’t even begin to count how many students have complained to me about not getting A’s, not because of the quality of their work, but because they handed in all the assignments.  Books that I used to assign can no longer be read as most of the students do not understand many of the critical concepts and can not even read a sentence without googling the meaning of words.  The worst part of this proud decline is that they do not just quietly google the words; instead they arrogantly and loudly complain that authors should not be so elitist as to use big words.  That is, they take pride in their ignorance.

It has been demonstrated in various studies that American students are currently number 48 in mathematical abilities and first in self-esteem.  This has happened gradually over the years of promoting psychological rather than educational experience.  Of course, bullying and other psychology should be dealt with, but so should reading and math.  And music, art and physical education, while we are on the topic.

It is imperative that the educational system be improved and the ignorant students not be considered the “cool”ones if we are to survive as a nation and a people. Our citizens must know how to reason, to think and to move off the couch once in a while.

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