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How Your Behavior During COVID-19 Can Affect Your Future

Ignoring social distancing, loitering on beaches; the internet is unforgiving.

Be Kind Online.
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Are you someone who is testing the limits of quarantine life or the stay-at-home orders of your state? Are you judgmental of what some people should be donating in a crisis? Maybe you don't believe this pandemic is as serious as it truly is?

Make no mistake about it, the internet today gives people the ability to use their keypad as a weapon to publicly humiliate and shame those who are acting irresponsibly.

Cost of reckless behavior

In states across the nation, people are facing fines or even being arrested for not following the stay-at-home orders issued by their state.

What is worse than being fined or arrested? Having your name smeared online since this can cause havoc on your future.

Whether you are being shamed for loitering on a beach, ignoring social distancing, or criticizing rich people for their lack of generosity, these viral moments will live forever on social media.

COVID-19 impacts online reputation

The coronavirus is not to be taken lightly, this a very serious time in the world today. Breaking laws, having a strong opinion (or an opinion that is rude in any fashion), when publicized on social media is magnified by a million.

This is not only your online reputation — it's a reflection of your character that will follow you well after this crisis has subsided.

Companies such as Dell Technologies, have already made a bold statement.

Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell said on Twitter that people who don’t take the coronavirus pandemic seriously shouldn’t apply to work for any of his companies.

“Anyone in this video, please don’t apply to work @DellTech @VMware,” Dell tweeted Thursday. “And also please don’t apply to @Secureworks @DellFdn @boomi or MSD Capital.” —Michael Dell, referring to a video of spring breakers on Twitter

Many people are now home from work, laid off, maybe their companies are closing and they will have to seek new employment. It's important to be respectful of your state's orders as well as be kind to others in grocery stores. We're all a click away from digital disgrace to be uploaded.

Be mindful with your comments

When disasters like hurricanes, floods or now this health crisis happens, it can bring out the best of people. We will witness a rise in compassion from neighbors, communities coming together, and these difficult times can make us stronger.

Donating money is always needed whenever you have these hardship situations. When athletes and celebrities give money, it shouldn't be a time for judgment. However, it seems some people believe their two cents is required.

When the Pittsburgh Pirates donated $50,000 to their local food bank, one retired news reporter took issue with what he considered a small amount of money for a large corporation. Twitter gave him some food for thought:

Source: Twitter

"It shouldn’t be about how much an athlete or team owner donates relative to his or her wealth, it should be about the fact that they donated, period." — Anthony Defeo

Let's keep in mind, if you're searching for a job in a few months, your potential employer may not care for your snarky comments and this could cost you a new career.

Isn't it so much easier to have a session of "whine and wine" with your friends — offline — six feet apart than risk damaging your online reputation?

When in doubt, you can click out.