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The Selfie Nation: What Word Is Associated with Your Image?

Survey: Many Americans say "selfies" are annoying and narcissistic.

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Scrolling down your Instagram feed, maybe checking your Facebook news stream or possibly popping into a Twitter trend, you're likely to view people using their social platforms to post a selfie of themselves.

The majority of Americans (63 percent) say they take selfies according to a recent YouGov Omnibus survey. Interestingly, although many are taking self-portraits, four in ten (41 percent) people say they rarely take selfies, while 14 percent said they take them “somewhat often” and 8 percent take them “very often.”

Self-absorbed or self-confidence?

Although many people enjoy taking these self images, the twist is how some Americans view those that share their selfies:

  • 36 percent: narcissist
  • 36 percent: annoying
  • 31 percent: trendy
  • 30 percent: fun
  • 25 percent: fad
  • 22 percent: funny
  • 16 percent: confident

Is it a gender thing?

The survey shared that men, overall, were more likely to describe selfies as narcissistic and annoying whereas women were generally described them as fun and trendy. Overall, almost half (43 percent) agreed they would like to see fewer selfies on social media.

Location, location, location

Never doubt the location of a selfie can help make it more acceptable. Whether you are traveling or attending a wedding, chances are you can get a thumbs-up on social media.

  • 75 percent: traveling, on vacation
  • 71 percent: attending a party
  • 68 percent: at a concert
  • 55 percent: at a wedding
  • 39 percent: dining at a restaurant
  • 38 percent: at a gym

There's no doubt we're in a selfie nation, as we witness young people on a daily basis upload images of themselves, while using all sorts of filters for fun. For adults this can be new terrain.

People young and not so young need to realize, your online presence is your online reputation. Your selfie's will become part of your digital resume.

5 Steps to a Safer Selfie

  1. Keep your clothes on. Avoid provocative or inappropriate photos. According to the latest CareerBuilders survey, 40 percent of employers will eliminate potential candidates if they find these in their social media streams.
  2. Driving while taking a selfie. It's is a sure sign of an irresponsible person. Distracted driving kills. There is nothing cool about it.
  3. Avoid funeral selfies. These are not only in poor taste, the YouGov survey overwhelmingly concurred with a 81 percent agreeing they are unacceptable.
  4. Don't drink and selfie. Although you may think you look hot at that moment, it's those post and tweet regrets that can catch up with you later. They can cost you more than a hangover with the majority of workplaces that now have social media policies in place – your online behavior is never off the clock.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings. What is in the picture with you? For example, drugs, knives, guns, etc. Using common sense can go a long way before posting your own image.

It's a selfie nation, post safely.


YouGov Omnibus 2018 Survey

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