A Sex Therapist's Guide to Twitter, Part 1

Just as in good therapy, it's all about knowing how to listen.

Posted Apr 28, 2014


Most therapists haven't begun to scratch the surface of what's available on Twitter these days. Some have tried it and quickly given up. Others have held back because of shyness or fear of the unknown. I should know, having over the years done all of the above. But I keep coming back to Twitter. Despite its problems it remains the best source for new information about human sexuality.

Twitter can be discouraging, though.  It's been said that Twitter is like a big cocktail party. You first notice the narcissists, bores, and total idiots. But if you wander from room to room, amidst all the noise you might eventually happen upon people who are genuine, fascinating, and have interesting stories to share. 

@BloggerElphieW writes a blog called "The Apprehensive Vagina" (hey, the name alone has value), which is a  first-person account of living with vulvar pain, or "vulvodynia" -- an exceedingly common condition, though most women with it suffer in silence.  @BloggerElphieW gives voice to experiences that are difficult to render in words.  Her blog is definitely worth a visit --

 @JoanPrice writes "Naked at Our Age." She's been a tireless campaigner for the sexual emancipation of seniors.  When Joan reviews a new vibrator, people listen.  I immediately added the "Palm Power" to the list of vibrators I recommend to patients--

Will the Palm Power finally knock the Hitachi Magic Wand (@HitachiMagic) from its perch as America's top vibrator?  Someone had to ask the question, so I figured it might as well be me--

Speaking of the Hitachi Magic Wand . . .  meet @JolieKerr, whom I discovered at @Jezebel. She's the author of "My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag ... And Other Things You Can't Ask Martha." Here's what she has to say about keeping the old Wand looking good--

If you keep spending time on twitter, you might catch someone like @Dr_SueJohnson, developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy, in a lighter mood--

Tempted? I hope so.  Once you get the hang of it, twitter is a great way to stay current, make a few new friends, and have some fun!  

And for anyone who's interested but needs more guidance, just contact me.  Where?  Where else? OnTwitter, at @SexualityToday.  I'm often there, listening in and hoping to learn something new. 

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