Flowers "Just For So"

Anyone can give flowers at any time to anyone. Why not you? Why not now?

Posted Mar 19, 2018

On Valentine’s Day last month I happened to be sitting in my car in the busy parking lot of a major supermarket while my sweetie ran in to pick up a few necessary groceries. Waiting, I got to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes—people watching. That day, within the first few minutes I saw five men walk to their cars with flowers in hand. Aha, I remembered the date. In the next few minutes, I saw seven more men and one woman leave the grocery store with flowers. Imagine what kind of business the florists were doing!

Many years ago I said to the man who would become my husband that women, and I, enjoyed receiving flowers. On our next date, he brought a big bouquet with a card enclosed: “A-wooing we will go.” In the remaining 13 years of our relationship and marriage, I don’t remember receiving flowers that were not on an expected occasion touted by Hallmark like Mothers’ Day or my birthday.  Even with my expressly telling him how much I enjoyed receiving them when I did, giving flowers just didn’t occur to him without some popular advertising prompting him.

So, if you enjoy receiving flowers, when was the last time your sweetie or anyone presented them to you just “for so”, that is, for no reason other than pleasing you? I must add surely you know this not solely a man to woman thing. Anyone  can give flowers to anyone else. Imagine his surprise at having a bouquet arrive at his office with a note saying something like “Just because…”! Whether the giver is woman or man, you will surely raise his stock among  his co-workers.

I could go on about the times I have received flowers, about the giver or the occasion, and the times I did not receive flowers when they would have been very welcome. In this short piece, however, I think I have made my point. Spring is in the air. Flowers everywhere are presenting themselves for your delighted view. Do the same. There must be someone special in your life whom you would enjoy delighting even if you are sweetie-less. Think of presenting a bouquet this week and enjoy the pleasure you arouse by doing so.

This message was not sponsored by your neighborhood florist, honest, but by a sex and relationship expert who enjoys seeing people light up at the behavior of those who are closely connected…or who would like to be.