What Happens When Adults on the Spectrum Sing and Dance?

Joy, fun and friends flourish when adults with handicaps perform onstage.

Posted May 24, 2018

(c) magann/fotosearch
Source: (c) magann/fotosearch

Can children on the autism spectrum or with other significant mental and physical handicaps grow up into adults who can sing, dance, and enjoy life? And if so, is there a theater near you where they can share their talents?

I'm so proud of my tall, handsome, bearded nephew Adam.  Adam, who is on the autistic spectrum, sent me this video. Watching it has been the highpoint of my day. 

I am sharing the video now with you, my readers, so you too can experience the joy of song, dance and comedy provided by Adam and his friends. 

Adam and his friends all have mental and physical handicaps. Yet, thanks to a terrific theater program in his city, Adam and his friends all succeed in using dance, song and comedy to bring joy into the world. 

Does your city or town offer opportunities for handicapped members of your community to sing, dance, and bring laughter into the world? If not, maybe you can contact the volunteers at Art Stream Cabaret to learn how.

Enjoy! Better yet, enjoy this video and share it with others. Spreading joy makes your joy all the stronger.