Bad Times Are the Start of New Beginnings

Sayings for Growth

Posted Mar 22, 2012

Here are more sayings for your consideration and living. They reflect the cognitive-behavioral and positive psychology approaches. You can change for the better using ways that fit your personality and context. For more of my sayings, check my website,

Good effort and good will are the best practices.

It's not so much where you arrive but who applauds you in how you did it.

If we live to hear only the sound of applause, our mind will become tone-deaf.

Singing to yourself is an internal booster club.

Some people contemplate the universe. They should start with the drink in their hand.

The long side of taking short-cuts is that you might end up on the wrong side.

Every bit of effort adds up to multiple dividends.

When we short-change effort, we get paid back.

If I counted each and every time I sat on that couch and did nothing, the total of what is in it for me would be nothing.

Trying hard is easier than not trying.

Hard times need hardening of hard effort.

Good times are prep times for hard times.

Resting on your laurels leaves you sitting behind.

Moving up in the world starts with sitting down with the books.

Living for yourself ends up with living by yourself.

There is a fine line between success and excess--you.

Animals know more than you think. Animals think more than you know.

Nature has the answers - if we'd only ask the questions.

We are privileged guests of the planet - until we lose the privilege of being invited.

Each of us should think of ourselves as the person who might have to explain about ourselves one day to visitors from another planet.

Instead of giving your partner a piece of your mind, share it.

Love is the best ointment for hurt.

Being mean is demeaning.

Finding meaning is easier when you seek it with someone else.

Your mind is a testing ground of ideas. People are a testing ground of your mind.

We're a match made in heaven because we both try to match heaven.

The surest investment in your securities is learning from people protest power.

When everyone has a chance to reach their highest potential and help other people to do the same, there is little left to chance.

If you look beyond the next task, you might not see too far.

Distractions are good for you when they do not become central actions.

Keeping your goals in mind helps create better goals.

Goal keeping blocks wayward shots.

Mental entrepreneurs create thoughtful start-ups.

Communication is a question of knowing how to ask the other something that creates interest.

Earning genuine respect is not about how much you earn.

Taking half measures gives away half the store.

Narcisstic democracy - Life, liberty, and the pursuit of emptiness.

Pluralistic democracy - Participation makes the nation.

A society better served is a society that serves better.

Children deserve love and support to flourish. Will we flourish without giving them their opportunities?

We make the bed of polluted grass we lie on.

When we try to keep it all, there is no safety net for free fall.

Go nuclear - empower your psychological core with positive opportunities.

Just at the edge of how you think, behave, and feel is cutting-edge growth.

We should not live each day as if it were our last but each day as if it were our first, in the sense of taking the needed steps to improve psychologically and to keep focused on further improvement. With such an attitude, whomever you met, whether in the mirror or otherwise, will appreciate and applaud.

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Gerald Young, Ph.D.

Gerald Young, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology at York University.

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