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Treating Addicts With Personality Disorders

Posted Nov 16, 2009

I wonder how many folks in the general population know that according to "the experts" there are currently ten different personality disorders. I have always been fascinated with the diagnostic value of "personality disorders." I wrote about them in my latest book "The PDR Guide to Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Health" (Thomson Reuters, 2009). What is fascinating about these characterological gems is that you can literally see how they lead to drug abuse and addiction. For example, Borderline Personality Disorder includes abuse/addiction as one of the defining points. Regardless of how "we professionals" may choose to band together symptoms, rehabilitation facilities must have staff who are aware of them and more importantly, know how to address them. For example, at a facility such as Caron Treatment Centers, where in the name of full disclosure, I am a Vice President; we have psychologists on staff as well as social workers and psychiatric consultants who have been trained in identifying personality disorders and addressing them during treatment. It's critical that we know how to address the entire person - not just one disorder. You should always consider this comprehensive approach when choosing a rehab - just some food for thought!

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