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Don’t Allow Methamphetamine to Ruin Your Life

A creative way to prevent meth addiction is working

Posted Sep 02, 2009

Methamphetamine - it's marketed to youngsters every day by drug dealers as an easy way to tune out. That is why it is so important to reach young people in a preventative way that will resonate with them. And that is exactly what The Meth Project, started in Montana, has done. After all, foster care kids, many individuals in prison, and scores of addiction treatment patients all have one thing in common in Montana - methamphetamine. But what is unique about the Meth Project is that they didn't assume they knew best how to reach young people. Instead, they conducted focus groups to really understand how to connect with the area's youth. The result is a series of provocative ads and marketing techniques that aim to prevent teens from trying meth in the first place. This grassroots prevention project garnered national attention - even collaborating with HBO on a documentary as part of the network's Addiction series. The results speak for themselves. Recent survey data in Montana, where the Meth Project first initiated its prevention campaign in 2005, demonstrates attitudes and behaviors toward Meth have changed since the campaign launched. The Montana Attorney General has issued data showing that Meth use and related crime has been on the decline in this same timeframe. In addition Montana's Youth Risk Behavior Survey released in June 2009, found that Meth use among teens in the state has dropped drastically since the Meth Project launch in 2005. We at Caron Treatment Centers want folks to be aware of how one person at a time can make a difference and that prevention efforts are working! For more information on the wonderful work The Meth Project is doing, visit their website at: www.montanameth.org.

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