Treating Crohn's Disease

Part 3: Some updates about the RedHill Bio Study and how to search

Posted Feb 05, 2014

 I’m happy that people have been reading my posts about MAP and Crohn’s Disease.

Part 1 was

Part 2 was

It seems that some people have had difficulty reading both sections, or get confused. Please read both sections before you write to me!

In addition, I have an update about where to look for information about the RedHillBio clinical trial of a triple antibiotic therapy program for Crohn’s Disease.

Look at for compete information about US study sites and inclusion criteria. 

As of this post, there is no study going on in Canada. We have no information about study sites. I will post information when it is available. 

People ask me repetitive questions. Please read this before you write to me: 

I am not now nor have I ever been a gastroenterologist. I have never treated nor will I treat a single Crohn’s patient. Don’t ask!

I will not give specific doses of medicines. What worked for me might be bad for somebody else. Don’t ask!

If you take my advise, use to search for everything you can find on “mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis + Crohn’s”. If you have access to a local library, or if you are a student, faculty or alumna of a university, you may have access to more information via PubMed and other institutional search engines. It may take you weeks of work to gather 100 articles about MAP and Crohn’s. Once you have all of these articles, find a local doctor who is bright, open-minded, and curious. Show him or her all of your findings. Discuss it as a possibility, not a certainty. If you are reading this on your computer, you should be able to save your articles as pdfs on your computer and share them with your doctor.

Again, I was ill with “ulcerative colitis” from 1986 until it was renamed “Crohn’s Disease” in 2004. I was agressively treated with steroids, azathioprine, asacol, and finally Remicade from April through the end of 2004. In December, 2004, I started on Dr. Borody’s triple antibiotic protocol. I became disease-free and remain so now, off all medications. I never followed a diet. I know nothing about the specific carbohydrate or other diets and Crohn’s. I don’t use probiotics, although I like yogurt and kim chee and soy sauce, naturally fermented products. I love nature and get plenty dirty on a regular basis. In other words, I am explosed to the natural microbiome with great regularity, but nothing specific.

I’m fine and happy now.

I am trying to pass this information on so that people can have hope and not despair, but the answers I am giving are complicated and require a lot of work and commitment on the patient’s part. Best wishes to you in your search!