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Benjamin Franklin Was Right, But....

Benjamin Franklin's quote was accurate but incomplete.

Benjamin Franklin's quote, "force sh#*es upon reason's back" was accurate, but incomplete. While in fact, force or the belief in force plays a primary role in the bottom line to any conflict, force leaves no room for peace. I am not an evolutionary psychologist nor will I pretend to be a genetic scientist, but I have to imagine that some where in every "normal" human being is something put in place by mother nature. Something that dictates any level of violence a human being engages in, will come at the expense of an equal level of mental stability and peace of mind.

Case in point, is this recent article in the New York Times that talks about the increase in violence in the Fort Hood and Killeen cities in Texas. The article reports that there have been an increase in violence in the region since the start of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. This article also quotes a Fort Hood official stating that reports of violent crimes usually go up after a unit has returned from a deployment. Primary symptoms displayed by soldiers after a combat tour, are post traumatic stress disorder, poor anger management, chronic anxiety, and depression.

It takes a village to raise a child, and parents should become cognizance about subtle messages society sends to their youth, particularly around the issue of force and conflict resolution. If I were to complete Benjamin Franklin's quote on force it would be, "force sh#*es upon reason's back and then on itself."

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