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Tutoring elementary school aged kids with ADHD

Posted Jun 16, 2011

Enter Brieanna Ingram, owner of Outside the Box ADHD Tutoring. As I sat working away diligently one day...... I received an email from Brieanna, turns out she had been following my blog. I had the

opportunity to get together with Brieanna locally, which is very refreshing. So many people I have met through my blog are based all over the world, so it was nice to have the chance to connect with someone in my own back yard. With that, we set up a meeting at a convenient Starbucks.....doesn't everyone seem to have a meeting at Starbucks at least once a week? OK, maybe just people like me with ADD :)

Talking with Brieanna was great, it got my memory reflecting back to when I was a young boy in school, I could have really benefited from a service like Brieanna offers, as could many kids and their parents today. Brieanna has started a business in North Vancouver Canada, tutoring elementary school aged kids with ADHD. She focuses on study skills, organization, test taking skills, meditation, goal setting and some behavioural management. So far she's been quite successful. It really is a great formula in my opinion. Brieanna studied at the University of British Columbia, specializing in Family Studies and has been a Special Education and Teaching Consultant to a local board of education. While Brieanna worked originally in ADD/ADHD, she also spent time working with children with autism and has come back to her original passion of focusing on ADD/ADHD.

Having grown up surrounded by family members who have ADD, Brieanna's focus with her education and hands on experience in the special education teaching field have produced results. All of her tutored students have improved their grades and are learning about alternate ways to adapt to how they learn with ADD. I think this is a great story and Brieanna is a progressive thinking young professional who you will hear and see more of as time passes by. Check her out at

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