Insight Therapy Teaches You About You

Emotional Insight is important.

Posted Apr 16, 2018

I sat in my psychiatric nurse practitioner's office and she handed me a paper with a summary of my visit. There was a diagnosis on the paper that said “OCD with insight. I read it, laughed and I said: “that’s good that I have insight.” She replied, “well yeah, there are people with OCD that do not understand their behaviors.” I consider myself to be a self-aware person because I know that I have intrusive thoughts and compulsions. I ruminate often and can't seem to control my thoughts at times.

There are many different types of therapy. The type of therapy that works best for you depends on your emotional needs. Insight therapy works for people that have awareness of their own psychological issues. And I believe that I have that. I am proud to say that I worked on myself enough to understand what I’m going through and what I need to work through. 

I’ve worked hard in my therapy sessions to gain awareness into my feelings. Through treatment, I gained an understanding of my behavior. I learned that I feel sad and angry when I am ignored. I began to comprehend where this feeling originated from. It derived from my childhood and feeling like I was so introverted that I often felt invisible.

When I feel like someone is not paying attention to me after I reach out to them whether that is via phone text or even in person, it is a trigger for me. I go back two times in my childhood when I didn’t feel heard and it’s difficult for me to cope with these feelings. I remind myself that I am no longer that child who felt invisible. I don’t know if the other person is ignoring me, because I cannot read minds even though it would be nice if I could. Actually, that might not be the best superpower, but it isn't possible so that's a mute point. The emotional pain that I’m dealing with from being ignored doesn’t have to do with that other person. It has to do with my trauma and I need to work those issues in therapy. The more insight I have into why I experience pain when I'm ignored the better I can cope or manage this feeling.

Nobody likes to feel pain. Human beings are wired to fight against feeling painful emotions. When I am in emotional pain, I want to run from it. I want nothing to do with these feelings. I want to run far away from these emotions so that I can get back to a place of feeling grounded and happy. What I've learned is that in order to get to a place of happiness or contentment, it's important to feel your feelings, process the pain, and don't hide from it. The more I am able to stay with those feelings, let them flow through me, the better I will feel in the long term. What about you? Do you let yourself feel pain or is it hard for you to sit with your emotions?

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