Why Am I Angry?

Reasons you could be angry and what to do about them

Posted Jul 20, 2017

Feeling angry can be difficult and challenging. Anger is not an emotion I like to cope with. It's uncomfortable and when I do feel angry I almost immediately want that feeling to vacate my body. I want it to pack its bags and never come back. Unfortunately, that isn't a reality, and anger is a part of life. And thus, we have to find a way to cope with this seemingly overwhelming emotion

Here are some things that trigger my anger; maybe you can relate to them.

Feeling misunderstood

I often express my emotions in the hopes that the person on the other end receiving them will make an effort to understand. When I feel misunderstood it's a painful feeling and I become angry and even resentful that I am not being heard or understood. I'm trying to work on managing my expectations. Not everyone is going to understand me, and that's okay. The most important thing is for me to make an attempt to understand myself.

Being criticized

I am a highly sensitive person and I take things to heart sometimes. If someone is close to me, and I feel like they are being critical of who I am or my behavior, I often feel angry. I try to take a step back and recognize that (if this is a loved one) they are often trying to help, not hurt me. Still, my initial reaction is to feel angry with them. I try to remember that it's not personal and they want to help me. 

When things are out of my control

Life delivers surprises to us a lot of the time. We have limited control over how events take place and no control over the actions of others. I know that the only thing I truly have control over is my behavior and my reactions towards other people. Still, my lack of control over how people behave or what happens in a given situation makes me feel frustrated and angry at times. I try to focus on what I have control over when I feel like things are out of my control.

When I don't feel like my feelings are being considered

We try as human beings to be mindful of other people's feelings; at least I do anyway. When I feel like my feelings aren't being acknowledged or consider (especially when I make an effort to go out of my way for someone) I hurt and angry. Confrontation is difficult for me, but I am working on that. It's natural to feel upset and angry when you feel like your feelings aren't being considered. 

What about you? What makes you feel angry? Can you think of things that help when you are experiencing anger? 

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