10 Questions Pregnant Women Should Ask Before Giving Birth

What to ask your doctor

Posted Feb 28, 2012

As an OB/GYN, I know pregnant women have a boatload of questions as their due date approaches. But so often, they fail to plan ahead and get their questions asked until they're huffing and puffing in labor. And trust me. This is NOT the best time.

To help out pregnant readers, I've prepared a list of the questions I believe it's in your best interest to get answered well in advance of when labor ensues. Knowing the answers to these questions will prevent disappointment, frustration, and unmet expectations. So print out this list, take it to your next doctor's appointment, and make sure you feel comfortable with the answers you get.

After all, it's your body, your baby, your health, and you deserve to receive the kind of care you desire.

10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor

1.     Will you be the one delivering my baby?

2.     What's your C-section rate compared to your hospital's average?

3.     If I don't go into labor on my own, how long will you let me stay pregnant before inducing my labor?

4.     If I think I'm in labor or my water bag breaks, should I call you or just come to the hospital?

5.     How many people can I bring with me to the hospital?

6.     If I want to walk around, eat, or take a shower during labor, will I be allowed?

7.     Does your hospital limit how late in labor you can get an epidural?

8.     Do you routinely cut episiotomies?

9.     If necessary, do you prefer using forceps or a vacuum?  How long will you let me push before breaking out the forceps or vacuum or proceeding to C-section?

10. If my baby has any unexpected complications, will the baby be kept with me at the hospital or transferred somewhere else?

Other questions you might want to ask, depending on the kind of delivery you desire, include:

1.     Do you enjoy working with doulas if I hire one?

2.     Are midwives available at your hospital, and would you mind partnering with one if I choose to work with one?

3.     Are you supportive of natural childbirth?

4.     Will a lactation consultant be available to help me with breastfeeding?

5.     Do you perform circumcisions?

Knowing the strengths, limitations, and opinions of your doctor will help you avoid conflict when you've got other, more important things to worry about - like delivering a baby.

Empowering you to take your childbirth into your own hands,


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