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Become a Limitless Person

The twelve things limitless people know for sure.

Key points

  • A limitless person is someone without end, limit, or boundary; they are the captain of their own ship.
  • Limitless people do not curse what gets in their way. They look at each curveball that life throws as an opportunity for growth.
  • The personalities of limitless people are in alignment with their signature strengths, which align with their authentic purpose.

To be a limitless person means to be someone without end, limit, or boundary (Oxford Languages, n.d.). In a sense, it is realizing and embracing our own inner superhero, and we all have one. Though rather than flying at high altitudes or leaping over tall buildings in a single bound, they are able to create the life they want to live. No limits means exactly that: No limits.

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There is no glass ceiling. Even if there were one, they would bust through it like Charlie at the end of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

And, we’ve seen these people out there in the world, haven’t we? They seem not only to have it all, but it seems to come easily as well. When a limitless person walks into the room they own it, automatically, even without opening their mouth. This is because they reside in a place of authentic power. They know their own worth. They are able to set clear boundaries, subtly and respectfully.

The personalities of limitless people are in alignment with their signature strengths. They are aware of their own authentic purpose, that one thing they were put on this earth to do. Limitless people listen to and follow their inner voice. They are not afraid to take risks.

Limitless people do not question their value and are thereby able to be receptive to everything the universe has to offer.

Source: Pixabay/Pexels

There is no limitless lottery where someone draws the lucky ticket and lives happily ever after. It is a mindset that we can all develop with commitment and practice.

Limitless people know that:

  1. Our thoughts create our reality. Thoughts come first and feelings second, therefore changing how we think changes how we feel. Limitless people have the patent on this. They get it.
  2. Life happens for us and not to us. Limitless people do not curse what gets in their way. Instead, they look at each curveball that life throws as an opportunity for growth and a blessing.
  3. No one can hurt our feelings. Dyer (2001) explains that limitless people are aware that our feelings come from our own thoughts and not from what other people say or do.
  4. Operating from a place of lack only attracts more lack. This is called deficit motivation and is not a place limitless people operate from. Doing so keeps people in a perpetual place of striving for more and never being content with what is.
  5. The key to happiness is residing in a place of gratitude every day. Happiness has little to do with our circumstances. It is about a mindset of appreciation for every gift we’ve been given and everything that is going well. Limitless people always have enough.
  6. We must get rid of the junk. When we are filled up with old narratives that involve negative emotions such as guilt, shame, blame, jealousy, or envy, there is no room for the authentic self to expand. Think of it as memory space in a computer’s hard drive. When the space is full of old files or programs, the computer slows down and becomes unable to take in and process anything new. Limitless people know that they must keep on top of clearing out their “brain attic” and let go of the junk.
  7. Know that we are always single, even if we are married. Relationships and the people in them are complex and complicated. When two people come together, they come together as two whole and complete individuals rather than two half-people completing each other.
  8. Failure does not exist. We are simply people producing results that point us in a certain direction. Limitless people learn and grow from being pointed in new directions (Dyer, 2001).
  9. What we resist will persist (Jung, 1933). Limitless people do not fight the universe. They reside in a place of non-resistance and allow life to unfold as it is meant to.
  10. It is our number one job to keep ourselves filled up. We cannot give what we do not have. Limitless people keep their cups full. What is inside the cup is for them. What overflows to the outside is for everyone else.
  11. We must believe it to see it. Limitless people visualize how they will feel when what they desire happens. They are not surprised because they trust in the universe and the infinite abundance it has to offer. The happiness of limitless people is not attached to a specific outcome (Dyer, 2001).
  12. A calm mind is a powerful mind. Limitless people are present in the now and actively engaged in life.

Limitless people know who they are and where they fit in the grand scheme of things.


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