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The Power Shower: Washing Stress and Pounds Away

A shower strategy for weight loss? Seriously? Seriously!

Posted Jan 30, 2014

Showering is a daily event. Now that the 70’s and 80’s are over, we generally shower alone, so it is a daily little chunk of “me and the Universe time.” I believe in a long shower. A long shower is not synonymous with excessive water usage. The world is in a water crisis, and an organism cannot be any healthier than its environment. You cannot save yourself and kill the planet. If you achieve optimal health, it won’t last long without water to drink. Always get the big picture: keep your heart in the heat of battle and your head in the purpose of the war.

The next step is making your power shower soundtrack. Use songs that inspire you, because they generate dopamine (the brain’s happy-dance drug) and utilize the same reward circuitry as food, sex, and addictive drug. Two songs I recommend including in your soundtrack are: “I’m Beautiful” by Bette Midler and “Amazing Grace” by The Five Blind Alabama Boys.  


As the deep abdominal singing occurs, the things that hurt you most will surface and appear in your visual cortex in the form of faint images. In this instance, you will hold the past and the future in your hands. In this moment, you make the decision, to let it go or hold onto it, or just hold onto some of it. You just have to work with it. Singing is a gift the universe gave to certain species. Like any extremely precious gift, you must handle it mindfully, and learn how to use it.  

We all have grief and nobody knows who lays awake at night and who does not. Nobody knows what terrifies you and why. What we do know, is that we go out into the day and interact with each other, the more centered we are, the better we feel. The better we feel, the better suited we are to understand and divest personal interest in the stressful events of our day. The less stress, and more centered we are, the more productive we are in our work, kinder to others, and available to see the abounding beauty in life. What you persistently see you become, so see a beautiful you, with a clean mind, body, and soul, in a world that is getting kinder and more beautiful every day. Power is a state of mind, work in, play in it, shower it, and stay in it. Remain fabulous and phenomenal.  

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