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10 Simple Truths for Living a Life You Love

10 Simple Truths for Living a Life You Love

Posted May 13, 2010

Over the past six weeks, I have been conducting discovery sessions with fabulous individuals. These one-on-one sessions have illuminated 10 basic truths that I believe are essential for living a life you love. This list is not exhaustive; rather, it is a starting point from which you can create your own list. If one truth clicks for you, run with it! Write it on a sticky note and put it someplace where you'll be reminded of it daily.

  1. Produce, do not procrastinate.
  2. Manage your energy not your time.
  3. Perfection is merely a facade that steers you in the wrong direction.
  4. Personal innovation is the key to any type of life success.
  5. Thoughts precede actions, which precede change. Care + Commitment = Change. Commitment alone does not equal change. There is a personal component to all that we do.
  6. Now is everything. Perseverance is power. Inspiration is everywhere.
  7. All that needs to be known dwells inside your own heart. Tap into that knowledge within, and trust that knowledge. Be confident in yourself and your power to choose your own perspective. You have more power than you know what to do with in your life. Harness that potential, and your limits will know no bounds.
  8. Invest in yourself. Personal knowledge and self-discovery are invaluable. Don't limit your potential by limiting your personal treasury. You are your greatest ally and asset.
  9. From a place of clarity, you can move forward with freedom and creativity. Within clarity, there is no such thing as "stuck."
  10. We all hunger for a fulfilling life -- a life filled with meaning and purpose -- for ourselves and for the people around us.

What is true for you?

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