How to Stop Overeating When You're Bored

If you eat too much when you're bored, try this!

Posted Feb 27, 2019

If you feel driven to eat when you're bored I have important news for you:  Boredom may not be the experience of having nothing to do, but rather of actively suppressing your life's purpose! 

It's better to think of boredom as the pain of unused potential.   We don't get bored because we lack stimulation, goodness knows there's more than enough of that to go around in today's world.  Instead, boredom appears to be a distraction from the self-reflective state.  It's what you experience when part of you wants to deeply search your soul for purpose and meaning, but another part is terrified of doing so.  Rather than face that fear we turn to toxic-pleasure.  We overeat one of those all-too-tasty bags, boxes, or containers the food industry provides.  

See, if you knew your life's purpose, every moment would be precious. Every last one. You'd be making phone calls, writing notes for your book, organizing projects, gathering people around you to move things forward and contribute to the world in the way you most wanted, even if that purpose were "only" to be a better parent, spouse, artist, etc.  (There's nothing that says professional pursuits are more valuable.)

In my experience with hundreds of clients, feeling bored is actually a good sign.   It means you're pushing through to find your life's purpose, which often sits on the far side of boredom, waiting for you, beckoning.

So when you feel that inner part of you compelling you to escape boredom because it's intolerable,  tell it to be quiet because you're fed up with letting it keep you from deeper meaning and direction.  Get sick and tired of allowing it to make you live a smaller life than you deserve!  Sit with the boredom. See what comes.  What should you be doing, saying, or being that you aren't now? Who should you be connecting with that, to this point, you've neglected? Where should you be going?  

Boredom is wonderful!  Embrace it. Walk through it. You just might find yourself on the other side.  Scout's honor! You don't have to believe me, you only need to try it. After all, what if I'm right?

For more unusual insights and practical tips to stop overeating please see my Psychology Today article entitled "How to Stop Binge Eating in Three Unusual Steps."


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