Judy Foreman

A Nation in Pain

Listen to Lady Gaga

I'm so sorry for Lady Gaga's chronic pain, but the publicity for pain is good!

Posted Sep 21, 2017

Chronic pain is as big a problem as when I wrote my 2014 book, A Nation in Pain, and its sequel, The Global Pain Crisis: Whatever Everyone Needs to Know. I hope that, by going public with her chronic pain, that Lady Gaga can do for the 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain what other celebrities have done for cancer, addiction, Parkinson's disease: Bring it out of the shadows and into the public domain, where it belongs. So far, the suffering of Americans with chronic pain has been eclipsed by the enormous media attention to opioid addiction. That attention, obviously, is not misplaced. But opioid abuse is only half of what's going on: inattention to the other epidemic, chronic pain, is just as serious a problem.