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Like Edward Scissorhands - Will You Be The Victim of Christmas?

Is holiday tragedy is about to strike you?

Posted Dec 24, 2010


I was born in December, when my World War II father was in Stalag 17 . My mother’s favorite holiday song was “ I’ll Be Home for Christmas “ . When I hear Judy Garland drippingly croon this song , I still cry.

The movie “Meet Me in St Louis” the Christmas film, where the song began, is this years top pick on NPR.

The modern holiday carol, warbles through a Christmas scene when holiday  tragedy is  about to strike.

Johnny Depp is another victim of Christmas  as mutant Edward Scissorhands           

             For many of us the road home for the holidays is rutty .For some the path has gaping potholes. It can remind us of childhood conflicts siblings that ruptured our relationship.

              Because the damage done by a sister or brother years ago, there  can be  a deep gash in our mind that never heals. In fact, that old wound from a sibling may still fester and ooze enough to lead us to say we believe we don’t want to see the family on the holidays.

We feel we hate our siblings for many different reasons. The chief complaint that lurks in our mind is that Mom or Dad favored them over us. She got the new prom dress for her high school celebration, and a few years later we ended up with her hand-me-down.. Dad sent him to a great four-year college, and we were sent to a community college near home. She was the baby so got to grow up with late curfews and loose rules, when Mom and Dad were unbearably strict with the rest of us. He was the oldest and Mom needed him to take care of the bunch of us, so she let him boss us around. He was the stepsibling who moved in and took over half our room.

That can all come back again with Christmas gifts that don’t seem fair or equitable.  What you open is more than a gift. It’s the Pandora’s box of past, unfair sibling or parental slights. Whatever happened in your childhood, can flash back like holiday PTSD.

Check out these iconic films and see if they either prepare you for the holiday gathering or make you feel better after the annual family breakdown.

Also  consider forgiveness so that maybe this holiday season and the next your siblings and you can celebrate without the fears of Edward Scissorhands or the poor doomed Judy Garland   




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