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George Davis

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“Good Sex” and the Super-Conscious Mind

Does making love bring us into the matrix of divine energy?

Posted Sep 22, 2012

Perhaps we have been timid in asserting that there is a relationship between romantic or sexual love and higher consciousness.

Biochemically Connected to God, Part 4

In Dark Light Consciousness, Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum, Director of Behavioral Medicine at University of Massachusetts Amherst reports that in his research he found that neuromelanin, a dark biochemical substance in the nervous system “is able to transduce, or shift energy, from one state to another, from vibration to sound, to heat, to light.”

For sake of explanation, Bynum says there is in humans, and in all things, a physical body and an ethereal body.  They do not exist separately but rather the ethereal body is the energy matrix, the “luminous matrix,” Bynum calls it, out of which physical bodies are generated.

The ethereal body is the template for the underlying energy that “creates” each thing in the physical world. In humans the densest frequency of the matrix exists as the Kundalini energy of the root chakra, associated in the physical body with the sexual organs.

During sexual activity this Kundalini energy is activated just as in Bynum formulation, we can also activate it through mediation. Neuromelanin acts as an energy prism through which Kundalini energy (DNA and genetic materials) passes and is transduced, shifted,   or changed to different frequencies.

It then spread through the nervous, endocrine and other systems to all parts of the ethereal body of the individual and to the energy matrix that is the Unified Field of forces, the super-conscious mind, God, the infinite, invisible, indivisible, eternal realm out of which all things in the time/space world are constantly being generated. This happens in each of the lovers.

So scientifically, two people making love are indeed forming a biochemical bond in God. What we have been arguing all along in our series “Biochemically Connected to God” is that our ancient wisdom traditions told us things that our most advanced scientists are just beginning to scientifically confirm.

The most relevant teachings in our wisdom traditions in this regard come from the Gupta period in India when “tantras” from many Southern Asian religions were brought together in one empire. A tantra is a body of beliefs and practices based on the idea that the universe we experience (the clockwork universe controlled by Newtonian laws) is nothing other than the concrete manifestation of divine energy, of God, if you will.

In what is called tantric sexuality there is a focus on worshiping the energy of the divine feminine in us and the universe. In Christian traditions the most relevant teachings come from stories in the much denounced Gospel of Mary in Gnostic Scriptures.

There is much in Gnostic Scriptures about sexual union as a path to the realm of divine energy. For example,  the Gospel of Thomas says: "When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, ….. then you will enter (heaven).”

I do not want to go “out” as far as, say, Michael Winn does in his paper The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm. Winn’s is an interesting trip but I would rather look down that road than go down it. I do not want to be one of those gurus out there setting up workshops to teach people how to have divine sexual intercourse.

In the Spiritual Intelligence Research Project that I carried on at Rutgers University for over a decade, we always preferred to wait until science catches up and gives us clearer ideas about the nature of spiritual existence. Until then our wisdom traditions tell us all we need to know. They tell us that there is something down there –down the road where we’ll eventually discover enough for a workshop on getting sexual energy to interact with the luminous matrix in which we all have our existence.

George Davis is author of the new spiritual spy novel, The Melting Points. Just published is the 40th Anniversary Edition of Coming Home, Davis’ novel upon which the Academy Award winning, Jane Fonda, Vietnam War film of the same name was based.


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