Therapy Adventures

Capturing your core

Posted Mar 07, 2017

Sam Louie
Source: Sam Louie

Have you ever been out in the wilderness and just marveled at the awe of creation?  Some of our most memorable experiences are often intertwined with nature and being in contact with wildlife.  Why is this?  Part of this is evolutionary.  We are human.  We make up one component of the vast lifeblood in this world.  Yet in our industrialized, and I dare say sanitized lives, we rarely get to experience the pure beauty, joy, and calling nature offers us.

As a psychotherapist, this is where I combine both the healing arts with the backdrop of nature as a means towards self-discovery, healing, and transformation.  I have offered "therapy adventures" where I strip participants of their need for contact.  Basically, this means, no cell phone, no internet, sometimes even no talking.  So you may ask, what can this really do?  Well, in these moments, the only connection you get to make is that with your true self.  By offering silence, solitude, and seclusion combined with experiential exercises I've gathered through the years, men and women come away more than refreshed and reinvigorated.  The extensive and intensive time away from their normal rituals, habits, and relationships tills the soil of the soul making it fertile for a rich, meaningful, and spiritual experience with oneself and God.  

On another level, mindfulness research shows these experiences can lead to brain enhancement of the right hemispheres, the part of the brain tied to creativity, passion, and healing from everyday stressors to extreme addictions and trauma.

So whether you’re looking for another avenue for personal growth or in need of a transformation due to difficult circumstances, this process can be a step towards that discovery.

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