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Are You Under Psychic Attack?

Is someone out to get you?

You're exhausted, but having trouble sleeping. You keep getting one lousy cold after another. You feel like there's a heavy lid over your usual wellspring of happiness. You can't seem to function right and don't know why.

What's going on?

From a psychological standpoint, you seem to be depressed. But from the point of view of energy medicine, you could very well be under psychic attack. Yes, consciously or unconsciously, someone may have formed an intention to harm you.

Maybe you have a mother-in-law who hates the fact that you stole away her precious son or daughter. Don't discount the old "evil eye" she gives you whenever she can. Maybe you've got an ex whose negativity towards you is still strong, even years after the divorce. Or a "frenemy" who's jealous because you still fit into the jeans you wore in high school.

Everyone, like it or not, has some darkness within, the infamous shadow side that is the storehouse of negative feelings. When these disturbing emotions are not acknowledged and released, the shadow side can get in the driver's seat. That negative energy can, in fact, cause real problems for someone else. For example, I worked with a woman I'll call Lisa, who came to me because she had lost all her zest for her new job. She'd been thrilled when she'd gotten her new position, with a substantial increase in income. Now she could barely drag herself to work.

The cause of her problem was obvious to me. I could see a "cord"—a psychic attachment—that connected her to her father. Although he was outwardly proud of his daughter's accomplishment, inwardly he was jealous of her success, especially since he had recently been advised to take early retirement. I showed Lisa a powerful shamanic technique that helped her sever that negative cord from her father, while still retaining the good cords of love and respect between them. Soon she was once again happy at work.

Don't discount a psychic attack as too far "out there." It's real. It happens all the time. You can learn to protect yourself from psychic attacks as well as how to clear yourself of negative energy that comes from outside yourself. I tell you how to do just that in my new book, Be Your Own Shaman. You can learn to protect yourself and to undo connections that are holding you back.