Beating Obsession: Write to Bring Yourself Present

Tip #3: When writing is fully engaging, it stops the noise in your head.

Posted Mar 29, 2017

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I can count on this: When writing I am fully present. If I'm worried about something, writing about it gets it out of my head, onto the page. In some writing sessions (I often write for just 10 minutes), I detach from my material and am soon laughing instead of growling. People who ticked me off now become characters. They make me laugh, as I see their foibles and mine. In others, I just growl, but I release the words spinning in my mind. They have been said, and I can move on.

This is like Julia Cameron's "Morning Pages" — three pages every morning to shed to layer of what's spinning today. I don't do the three pages, because in the time it takes, I am usually on to a writing project. But writing with no destination and no judgment for 10 minutes, gets the flotsam out of my mind and allows me the freedom to move on to what I really want to say.

I meditate, or sit quietly, each day, but writing ropes my mind's excursions. Instead of thoughts rolling through my head, they pass through onto the computer or page. For me, this is easier, more grounding, then watching thoughts roll by in meditation.

Writing prompt:

Set a timer for seven minutes and write whatever is on your mind. Don't stop and think. Just write.

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