Travel Writing

To write a travel essay, use the elements listed here.

Posted Sep 27, 2016

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Source: unsplash / pixabay

For a travel essay, use the same basic elements as in a personal essay:

A lead that grabs the reader’s attention. It can be one to three paragraphs. Consider an anecdote about your trip, a quote, or a line of dialogue.

A nutgraph – the who, what, why and when, which tells your reader where you are and what you’re doing there.

Two to three more paragraphs or anecdotes about your trip.

An epiphany – something that changed in you as a result of your experience.

An ending. A final paragraph with one to three sentences that round out the essay.

In my next post, I’ll write about my stay in Italy to give you an example.

Prompt: Write a one paragraph anecdote about a trip you took.

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