Seeking Transformation

What does it take to be transformed?

Posted Jun 24, 2016

johnhain / pixabay
Source: johnhain / pixabay

My arrival at Omni Resort at La Costa was overwhelming. Four hundred acres, six hundred rooms, golf courses, tennis courts, shops and restaurants. Children running around the plaza fountains and the perfectly manicured grounds, screaming with joy; parents in line for their requisite Peets coffee; musicians playing. 

Twenty years earlier, I had spent time at the small, quiet Chopra Center in La Jolla. We took rooms at a humble hotel. Deepak was on his way to stardom, but wasn’t yet the superstar he was to become. Now he has classes with Oprah. Then he had tea with me.

Why in the world did he choose La Costa, I wondered.

But at the Chopra Center at La Costa, all was om. Staff was calm. And instantly, so was I.

Families cleared out of La Costa on Monday and tranquility reigned. The rooms were lovely, the staff accommodating. (In the future, a bellman suggested, travelers should avoid Memorial Day, July 4, and Labor Day weekends to escape the worst crowds.)

I was at the Chopra Center to unlock the secrets of Ayurveda, an ancient healing system from India. I was scheduled to have three massage treatments, a meeting with an Ayurvedic doctor, do yoga and meditation. I was determined to be transformed. Not exactly the right way to phrase it, given that I wanted to be transformed into a more relaxed version of myself.

No one had told me that the slogan in San Diego is “May gray and June gloom,” and gloomy it was. Rain! But on the afternoon of Day One the sun came out, so I dipped in the Jacuzzi in preparation for my first Chopra treatment. They call the treatment the Odyssey. Stay tuned to hear the results.

Writing prompt: Describe someone who embodies at least one quality you would like to possess.

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