The Importance of Setting Writing Goals

What would satisfy you now?

Posted Jul 25, 2015

Source: cohdra/morguefile

When I asked a group of writers what would bring them satisfaction in terms of writing, their answers ranged: publish an article, finish a book proposal, stay with the writing process and be present in life.

Writing covers the spectrum from process writing, which can be a form of meditation or healing, to writing for publication, which requires shaping a piece and appealing to the editor in charge.

My students run the gamut. Some started with writing to vent their emotions and later crafted publishable pieces. The first part was healing. And the second part was healing, too, in that their confidence had risen to the “send it out” phase. Not to mention that someone in the magazine, newspaper, book, or online world had deemed it publication-worthy.

Other students write with the goal of publication. They don’t subvert their message, but they write for a particular audience or editor. They’re very successful at being published and it’s a double success: saying what they want to say in a way that makes it onto the page and brings them a juicy check to boot.

There is no "one size fits all." It really depends on what will bring you satisfaction. To be heard and get acknowledged or to write to sort things out. Whatever your writing goals, you can accomplish it.

Writing prompt: What would bring you satisfaction in terms of writing?

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