What's Up with the Mad Pooper of Colorado Springs?

Writing this post is like shooting craps in a barrel

Posted Sep 21, 2017

Have you heard about the Colorado woman who defecates in parks and people’s yards during her morning jog?  Does running give her the trots?  Or is she answering some other urge?  Profoundly odd behavior implies abnormal psychology, and that happens to be my thing.  So bear with me as I strain to purge myself of my fecund thoughts.

Let’s take a swipe at analyzing what moves her:

1.  Are these incidents bathroom emergencies?  I think not.  She makes stools in public places frequently (i.e., keeps regular), often in people's yards.  And she doesn't seclude herself from public view. 

2.  Is she motivated by revenge?  Possibly, but the people whose yard she fouls most frequently don’t seem to know her.  However, they did confront her on one occasion, so subsequent stools in their yard may have been payback. 

3.  Is she a schizophrenic or otherwise psychotic?  I doubt it.  Photos of her show a woman in good physical condition, properly attired for jogging, and with her hair carefully styled.  She is too put-together to be out of touch with reality.  She also keeps to a schedule for her morning jog.  Except for her prolific public pooping, she appears quite normal.  We would not expect to see consistently organized, predictable behaviors in someone who has undergone a psychotic break.

4.  Is she an exhibitionist?  I think this is closer to the truth.  Exhibitionism is a paraphilia.  Exhibitionists experience an erotic thrill by shocking or titillating others with their revealing behavior. 

5.  Does she have an impulse control disorder?  I suspect that this is the answer.  When they bare it all, exhibitionists have failed to control their impulse to reveal too much.  The mad pooper’s abnormal impulse may or may not be exhibitionism.  She might instead feel an overwhelming urge to experience the sensation of a bowel movement out in the open air.  Or to flaunt social rules, break the law, and get away with it (the same kind of thrill that a kleptomaniac gets).  So whatever itch she’s scratching, I’d put my money on an impulse control disorder as the milk in her magnesia.

In conclusion, I must say that I am impressed with her perseverance in giving back to the community.