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A Basket of Gratitude for Every Day Thanks

Sometimes by reaching into our hearts, we can refill our basket of gratitude.

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Thanksgiving is oftentimes stressful – for lovers, for couples, for families. Here are three of my favorite gratitude columns and one idea that you can use for any day or holiday gathering. Create a basketful of gratitude quotes. You might just keep a basket full of quotes on your kitchen table to reach into at various moments in the day. And at special holidays, put the basket on the table and invite everyone to take a gratitude quote and read it. You will see how quickly gratitude quotes, expressions, and thanks are generated.

A word about gratitude -- it eases anxiety, alleviates stress, and can put a smile on an otherwise unhappy face.

4 Steps to Gratitude in Happy Times or Sad Ones:

Every so often, gratitude and love become a challenge. We want to smile at the one we love, but we just cannot seem to find our smile. We want to look lovingly at the special person in our life, but he has hurt us. Or perhaps we have inadvertently hurt him and we can feel the tension because instead of talking about the problem, he is off sulking or has simply shut down. This can also happen with friends, colleagues, and family.

Sometimes just a hug can be the ice breaker. But what happens when sadness or anger linger too long and you just cannot muster up those loving feelings? What happens when anxiety and depression set in?

Take a chance on finding out how smiling, sending out thank you notes, making gratitude visits, and simply saying the words “thank you” can plant a seed in your heart for a happier day. The challenge is to practice gratitude during sad times as well as happy ones. Read More

Revitalize Your Love Life with a Three Day Gratitude Plan:

Keeping a relationship vital is about choices - the choice to love, to be grateful, and to forgive. It is so easy to be grateful during happy times but who wants to be grateful when the world around you is falling apart? It seems unfairly contradictory, but learning to be grateful during a low point may be the only way to attain the joy that oftentimes eludes us.

One of the grateful people who is always an inspiration is John Kralik, author of 365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life .Reading about his climb from near financial ruin to a life of success and romance is uplifting. But in talking with him one hears in his voice how gratitude became his mission. Read More

7 Ways to Create an Abundance Garden:

The abundance garden is filled with forgiveness, blessings, compliments, thank you notes, support of others, and general expressions of gratitude involving words and visits. And remember that it should be weeded daily.

Karma suggests that choices we made in our past, in words and deeds, will return to us. Fortunately we can start today to neutralize the past while laying a foundation for the future. To create the type of energy that brings about emotional generosity, here are some simple tips although the most is difficult is forgiveness. Read More

Here is a link to Dr. Melanie A. Greenberg: The Seven Best Gratitude Quotes | Psychology Today.

And this is one of my favorite gratitude quotes:“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ― Marcel Proust

Happy Thanksgiving!

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