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What Your Dreams Say About Your Love Life

Does Dreaming of Flying Mean Your Mate Is Cheating?

Posted May 21, 2010

In her new book "The Complete Dream Book of Love and Relationships" Gillian Holloway reveals the meaning of dreams and what they say about your romantic relationships. And just who is Gillian Holloway? She's a recognized dream expert with 20 years of experience and more than 30,000 dreams analyzed.

Now, taken directly from the publisher's media release, I'll share with you the true meaning of eight of the most frequently reported dreams:

1) Dreaming about Building or Healing - You've just made a romantic connection that's going to be a positive force in your life.

2) Dreaming about your past painful relationships - You're on the brink of making a less than wholesome relationship. Be careful.

3) A satisfying dream about contentment - This is what people report dreaming after meeting the one that will eventually become "The One" in their life.

4) And if you dream about sex - It means you're excited and attracted but don't make the mistake of attaching too much significance to such erotic fantasies.

5) Dreaming about other happy couples - This is an indication that you're ready to get involved in another relationship.

6) If you dream about sex with a friend or co-worker - These are expressions of a partnership and should not to be interpreted in a sexual way.

7) When you dream about flying around in the sky and over the chimney tops - It means you've been having some really hot sex.

8) And finally, if you dream your partner is cheating - This is a common dream when your significant other is excited about their career or working extra long hours.

I don't know why we dream. Then again, neither does anyone else. But I do know that dreaming must be important. If you interrupt someone's dreams, they will dream that much longer the following night. Interrupt them for several nights running and the individual will soon begin to have hallucinations...a kind of dreaming out loud.

That said, it's far less difficult to make a statement regarding dream analysis. It's a joke right up there with horoscopes and homoeopathy. Even Freud said that while a cigar could be a symbol for the male sex could also be a good smoke. And yet you just know that the book is going to be a big hit and that the dream expert is soon going to be sitting cheek by jowl with Oprah. Now tell the truth, did you really believe this column was going to explain how your dreams can foretell your love life? I wrote it simply to see how many readers a title that included the words "Dream" and "Love" would attract you are.

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