New Evidence That Aliens Have Reached Earth

Scientific findings that are out of this world

Posted May 10, 2016

When I was an Associate Director of National Intelligence in 2006, a CBS News producer visited my office in Washington DC to explore doing a 60 minutes segment about me.

The producer thought my career as a brain-scientist-turned-entertainment-executive–turned-spy was exotic enough to capture viewers’ interest.

At least that’s what the producer said was his reason for interviewing me.

At the end of the meeting, after I’d made clear  that U.S. intelligence officers don’t do on-camera 60 minutes interviews, I learned the real reason he’d come to see me: the producer wanted to know whether all the stories about aliens, UFO’s, Area 51 and Roswell had any substance to them.

In other words, were extra-terrestrials real?

As one of the top officials who ran the U.S. Intelligence Community, the producer thought I would be in a position to know, if anyone was.

I smiled, shook the producer’s hand and quickly escorted him out of the building. Frustrated, his parting words to my retreating back were “Well, what about it?”

I didn’t answer his question then, but I will now.

Well, sort of…..that is.

Without revealing any national security information, I can say that the scientific evidence for the presence of alien life on earth is steadily growing.

That’s the exciting news.

The less exciting news is that I’m not talking about “Grays” with huge eyes and spindly bodies or ET.  No Roswell, no Area 51.

I’m talking about you and every living thing around you.

Yep. A mounting body of evidence suggests that you, your pets, your houseplants and even your lawn may be descended from primitive organisms that traveled to earth from outer space billions of years ago.

Here is that evidence.

  • Scientists at the National Institute of Aging have looked closely at the mathematics of DNA evolution and concluded that DNA (which is the basis of life and is in every cell in your body) is probably older than the Earth itself.  Dr. Alexei Sharov estimates, from analysis of how long DNA takes to double its complexity (around 376 million years), that DNA itself is about 9.7 billion years old (older than Earth by 5 billion years, give or take)
  • Microbes have been found floating very high in the atmosphere; too high to have been churned up from the ground by hurricanes, storms or volcanoes, according to astronomers at Sheffield University in the UK. Presumably, lacking a terrestrial origin, the small bugs must come from outer space.
  • Plausible mechanisms by which microbes, viruses and the complex building blocks of life could have reached earth from outer space billions of years ago (or even now) have been discovered. For example, research shows that some hearty bugs can survive the vacuum and intense radiation of space, and may have hitched a ride on meteorites or comets. All of the water on earth came from outer space, perhaps carrying primitive life forms with it. The existence of extremophiles (organisms that survive temperatures far in excess of boiling water, lack of oxygen or sun light) near ocean vents, and buried a mile below the surface, reinforces this possibility.
  • One interpretation of small squiggles  found in a rock recovered in Antarctica that was ejected from Mars by an asteroid or meteor hit millions of years ago, is that the rock contains fossils of ancient single cell organisms.  Although very controversial, this interpretation has not yet been conclusively disproven. If life forms are capable of catching a ride from Mars, perhaps they can come from other sources too.
    Source: NASA
Source: NASA
  • Recently, astronomers studying a cloud of interstellar gas 25,000 light years from here detected the organic compound, cyanomethanimine a molecular building block of one of the components of DNA (Adenine). NASA scientists have also found Guanine and Adenine in micro meteorites that have probably not been “contaminated” by these building blocks of DNA from Earthly sources. This raises an interesting question of what we mean by “origin of life.” If DNA evolved on earth from very complex molecules from space, did life originate here or elsewhere?


Well, that’s all the recent scientific evidence for the existence of “aliens.”  Not enough for a 60 minutes show, probably, but thought provoking nonetheless.

If you’re disappointed by this, and really, really, really want compelling evidence of alien life forms roaming Earth, simply tune in to any reality TV show or presidential debate.