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10 Years of Living Single: Badass Loners are Your Favorite

Seduced by the special strengths and joys of people who are single

I published my first post for this Living Single blog at Psychology Today on March 21, 2008. Of the hundreds of posts I’ve written since then, none was more popular than “The badass personalities of people who like being alone.” It took off immediately and is still getting some love. (That inspired me to put together a collection of my writings on that topic, Alone: The badass psychology of people who like being alone.)

I have to admit, even after 10 years of writing this blog, I still can’t predict which posts are going to catch on and which are going to sink like stones. I just skimmed the hundreds of posts I’ve written to see which ones you liked best. Here are the 15 posts about single life that were viewed more often than any others:

#1 The badass personalities of people who like being alone

#2 Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

#3 Children of single mothers: How do they really fare?

#4 Why so many partners want to be both together and single

#5 Marriage vs single life: Who has it better?

#6 Asexuals: Who are they and why are they important?

#7 23 ways single people are better: The scientific evidence

#8 Why are so many young adults living with their parents?

#9 Are single people mentally stronger?

#10 7 questions to help you decide if you’d be happier single

#11 Marriage and happiness: 18 long-term studies

#12 17 benefits of the single life

#13 Are you single at heart?

#14 The ultimate threat to single people: You’ll die alone

#15 Top 8 reasons not to marry

Sometimes I’ve gone off-topic, most often to cycle back to my other area of expertise, the psychology of lying and detecting lies. Here are the 5 most popular posts that were not about living single:

#1 The 9 ways boring people can bore you

#2 10 steps for getting over humiliation

#3 9 proven strategies for healthy weight without dieting

#4 Who lies?

#5 5 absolute truths about lies

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