Revenge of the Single Ladies!

The Today Show and the Atlantic Magazine feature single life

Posted Oct 11, 2011

Remember when the Atlantic magazine featured a story telling single women that they should settle and marry that rude, stinky, creepy person because they are not perfect either? Well, we finally get our revenge, and in the very same magazine! On the cover of the November 2011 issue of the Atlantic is the question, "What, me marry?" and Kate Bolick's story is titled, All the single ladies.

The article was just posted online today, and already it has been featured in two segments of the Today show. Single life is at the center of the Today interviews. The Atlantic story also includes an in-depth discussion of marriage and how it has changed.

I'll have so much to say about this in the coming weeks. For now, though, I just wanted to share what the Atlantic article had to say about me and my book, Singled Out:

In July, I visited DePaulo in the improbably named Summerland, California, which, as one might hope, is a charming outpost overlooking a glorious stretch of the Pacific Ocean. DePaulo, a warm, curious woman in her late 50s, describes herself as "single at heart"-meaning that she's always been single and always will be, and that's just the way she wants it. Over lunch at a seafood restaurant, she discussed how the cultural fixation on the couple blinds us to the full web of relationships that sustain us on a daily basis. We are far more than whom we are (or aren't) married to: we are also friends, grandparents, colleagues, cousins, and so on. To ignore the depth and complexities of these networks is to limit the full range of our emotional experiences.

[Also, making this a doubly good day, the new website has launched! I'll describe it in more detail in my next post at "All Things Single (and More)." UPDATE: Here's that blog post describing the new site. This is the site highlighting all sorts of enlightened singles bloggers, and including resources and such. Check out Single with Attitude.]