eHarmony: They’re Not Embarrassed

Only look at my successess

Posted May 22, 2010

On the Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel features a great series of segments titled, "They're not embarrassed." As the name suggests, the unembarrassed are people who act in the most hypocritical ways, but don't seem to feel self-conscious about it.

It is such a nice idea that I think we should start our own comparable Living Single series. For the first entry, I nominate an excerpt from a recent Nightline segment on eHarmony. The matchmakers claim to use a mathematical formula to predict successful couples.

"What does he [eHarmony CEO Greg Waldorf] say to the skeptics who think there's no mathematical formula for love?

‘I would say to anyone who is skeptical, go talk to our success couples.'"

Imagine that, in response to people who are skeptical of your academic accomplishments, you pointed them to transcripts showing only those courses in which you earned an A. Imagine filling out a job application in which you were encouraged to mention only your successes. Imagine a matrimaniacal society in which only the successful couples and marriages count. Oh wait, we already have that!

Got some nominations of your own?